Crowley angst

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Crowley offers a reluctant Aziraphale an outrageous amount of money in exchange for doing one very simple, yet very difficult thing.

Human AU, mind the tags.

crowley angst

Because once in your life you decided to do the moral thing? When Erasmus Anthony Crowley and William Avery Fell meet for the first time in no less dramatic circumstances there's a lot of mistrust on both sides, but they're yet to learn they have more in common than they think.

Aziraphale is a curious angel and he enjoys the Earth and its many delights since he was sent to the garden of Eden after the creation. One day, he starts to wonder what would happen if he took just a little bite from the fruits of the forbidden tree.

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Azra Fell is a ticket agent at a London Overground station. He has a desperate crush on Rafe, a handsome stranger who buys a ticket from him every day. One day he pulls Rafe from the path of an oncoming train. At the hospital, the doctors report he's in a coma, and a misconstrued comment leads Rafe's family to believe Azra is Rafe's fiance.

When he doesn't correct them, the family welcomes him into their lives. And then Azra finds himself falling for Rafe's brother, Crowley. Us and Adam. Come on, now, you need to rest. Curl up with me, grab a book. Crowley said, in a strange sort of hissing voice.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Deals are struck. Hearts are broken. It's an all out war between these two girls and this emotional rollercoaster they ride in an attempt to help save the world.

You are always living in the shadow of your little sister Jo, the golden child. You're mama's favorite. Can Dean and the others prove to you that the chip on your shoulder was actually placed there by yourself? Or Will you continue to be the One that everyone shakes their head at. When our grandfather died things started to change in the house of my grandmother.

My sister and her husband moved into her home to help assist.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Three strokes and dementia doesn't help. But my grandmother became so bad that I had to move in and in moving in I brought with me someone whom my grandfather's spirit - that still haunts the house - doesn't agree with.

And to top everything off apparently my sister has the Judge of Hell after her soul for something that happened in the Supernatural demension Every Year you celebrate Halloween as if it was Christmas, but this year things are a little bit different. You are Jordan Singer. You're father was One Bobby singer.

But when The true love of your life, one King of Hell Crowley is killed Saving them, your heart goes from annoyance toward the way Sam and Cass treated him, to anger. Even in his death they can't seem to admit he wasn't as bad as they accused him of. Sleep is your only real escape, and the only way for you to let go of your built up frustration. But when the Dream World you decides to make an appearance into your reality, everyone is caught of guard. Figuring it was just some weird factor brought on by stress.

But what if the dream you decides she doesn't want to go back to your imagination? What are you to do? Never sleep again? Or let it be? And When Cass realizes it might not be just stress that's causing you to slip from one realm to the other, Then they have an entire new situation on your hands. All Hale the next generation to the throne. This is going to encompass works that I have written from to present of various Supernatural Characters x Reader.

Shameless smut! And, in the course of time, some plot.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Plus Filters.

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Cancel Apply Moonstar Some random fics I'm uploading during the Quarantine. Some may mention it, and some will not be related to it at all. Some fun fic, some angst.

Happy Ending! You'll get there eventually. Au nombre de nos effusions by The Evil Riddle reviews Huit jours. An Equitable Arrangement by snafsnaf reviews After Crowley moves into the bookshop, the pair adjusts to life in the neighborhood by pretending to be a human couple. Cut loose from their organizations, how do they establish links with their human allies?

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Love, sex, consequences. We'll see how the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle of unknown design work out. Yeah, it's serial novel length. Just pick a chapter and jump in. Aziraphale is one of them, hidden in plain sight. The angel has a secret. Or so he thinks. The demons have a different opinion about the brand he is wearing now.

But Aziraphale is on his side and helps him to get rid of it, even if the process is not pleasant for either of them. Based on art by Whiteley Foster. I Believe in You by ilovecastiel18 reviews It is the night before the body swap and the trials, and Crowley and Aziraphale come to the painful realization that they may never see each other again.

Remembering that this might be the last night they spend together, they try to make the most of their time on their potential last night on Earth, and with each other. A Certain Touch by WhiskerDrops reviews Crowley isn't very good at comfort - demons don't do comfort, at least not in the way humans do. But when it comes to Aziraphale, Crowley's imagination and determination help him bridge the gap between himself and a now-human Aziraphale.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Crowley had saved the Angel before. Hell enlists the help of a lonely cryptid and an ex-nun to take Crowley out once and for all. Aziraphale and Crowley are forced to deal with this strange set of assassins, a bizarre secret weapon and their own feelings for one another. In other words: a keg of unconventional, divine dynamite. Just a place to collect my super amateurish but enthusiastic sketches about With Armageddon averted, it's time for a holiday.

Through cities, forests, mountains, and more, Aziraphale and Crowley go wherever the Bentley will take them, falling more and more in love with the world and each other along the way. As their days on the road slowly turn into weeks, six thousand years of fears and feelings are about to be revealed. It was one of those well-established facts that no one even bothered to doubt anymore.

Angels could sense love and none of them ever sensed love in the presence of demons. Everyone considered that to be conclusive evidence and moved on. Believing otherwise was foolish and a waste of time. Demons were perfectly capable of feeling love. Any form of love. Despite common knowledge and despite the fact that the Fall ensured that they could no longer sense Her love, demons can experience love.

crowley angst

Crowley and Aziraphale find themselves in Lisbon, Portugal and as an Earthquake shakes the city apart Crowley is trapped in the rubble and in desperate need of Aziraphale's help. They snog the ever loving shit out of each other.

Then it get's a tad sad. Then not sad anymore! After rescuing Aziraphale from the Bastille and having a lovely meal with the angel, Crowley finds himself dragged back to Hell to answer for his insubordination. Quick insomnia induced ficlet about my head cannon for Crowley's fall.

Ft rude Gabriel, unsure Michael and Lucifer being a bit of a twunt. Crowley could be a rising star at Brimstone Chambers, if he could control his temper and apply himself. Aziraphale is on the edge of losing not only his job, but his entire family over a disagreement over which organisations he has granted funds to through his beloved Miracle Foundation, the philanthropic arm of his his family's angel investment firm.

Two people with different ways of dealing with their issues strike up an unlikely friendship, leading to love and healing. Lots of bickering, bookshop silliness, boozing, bentley rides, shared desserts and blushing. Aziraphale is the type of angel that would love to indulge in earthly pleasures. It seems like he's done everything but sleep. But why?Thank you so much for the kind words and this prompt!! A bit canon divergence, because it has to be, but I tried to keep it about how things might have been.

I hope you enjoy! Wh en Crowley first took the tartan thermos from Aziraphale, he held it gently, as if grasping it any tighter or bringing it any closer to him would reduce him to a sizzling puddle of black goop, right there in his Bentley. It was only natural that he wanted the holy water as far away from him as he could manage — it reeked holiness, and Crowley could practically feel the power humming under his fingertips.

Keep reading. I need more Crowley sickfic in this fandom so hear is this fic! I had an idea in mind for this prompt and somehow, my keyboard decided to take a different one and run with it but I hope you like it! When Crowley showed up late, it was fashionable, if a bit unusual for a lunch date with his — with the angel.

A lunch appointment. A casual meet-up, maybe. This one is my absolute favorite. Body Heat by Macx. Warmth by Macx. Undeniable by Macx. Warmth by KaskardenFluvia.

Crowley angst

Deserving by KaskardenFluvia. Somebody to Love by McRaider. Honour by DictionaryWrites. Days, Weeks, Months, Years by tentacledicks.

Best Friend by theanonymouslibrarians. I took this prompt and decided to project my own Issue tm on it and this is what happened.Cute little request fill with a sick Crowley for octo-bI hope you enjoy it!!! Crowley was feeling pretty pathetic right about now as he walked through the rain, hands shoved in his pockets as he fought off a shiver.

crowley angst

Now he stuck a sniffling shivering mess out in the cold because he was too stubborn to go back and apologize. Aziraphale sat on his couch with a hot cup of tea, listening to the storm rage outside.

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He chewed on his lip, nervously trying not to think about Crowley being out there. He was supposed to be still mad at the demon. The nerve of the man always waltzing into his bookshop, acting like he owned the place, putting his feet up on his furniture and expensive books. The angel sighed, setting his tea aside, before getting up putting on a coat before braving the cold weather to look for his ridiculous husband. Crowley stumbled around in a feverish daze not sure where he was at all, the icy rain pelting his back.

Not that there was anyone around to see, most people with common sense were in there lovely cozy homes probably sitting by the fireplace, reading a book. This thought ran through Crowley as he sat down slowly on a park bench sulking, pulling his knees to his chest, childishly rubbing his stuffy, runny nose on them. Crowley tried in vain to sniffle up the aftermath his poor nose was a mess afterward, and his head spinning. He was tired, and all he wanted to do was sleep. He could feel himself start to drift, off just barley hearing someone call his name before the world around him when dark.

When Crowley peeled his eyes open again, he could feel his head throbbing uncomfortably. He tried moving a hand up to rub his aching head but found that it was buried in a mountain of blankets wrapped around him. So I decided to try my hand at writing a fan fiction for the fandom! Not everything, of course, that would be a bit ridiculous, only certain things, and only if I wished hard enough for them to happen.

It starts with a small feeling in the back of your nose, almost like a gentle buzzing. Just enough so that you start to lose [sniffle] your focus a little, to that nagging feeling. You rub your nose, but the tingle is too far back and just out of reach.

After a few good rubs, you give up, ignoring the feeling hoping it goes away, resting your head on your folded arms once more, failing to notice as a str-heh-stray blade of grass touches your no-huh-nose just brushing the inside of your left nostril. Ngh- susceptible state. Either way, this will undoubtedly be in-interesting. A little fic-request from a month ago for nyx-is-forgoten-stuffsorry it took so long but here it is, some sick! Aziraphale with caretaker!

Keep reading. I hope that they Iike it! Crowley stared down at the thermometer glowering at the numbers displayed as if glaring at them would lower it to a more favorable number. Downing the medication like a shot, he winced slightly as it stung his aching throat, reminding him to pick up some cough drops on his way to go pick up Aziraphale.

With that, he grabbed a bottle of wine and was out the door on his way to the quaint little bookshop, nestled in the middle of Soho. It was rare that Aziraphale closed his shop [2]but he could always make an exception for Crowley. After all, it was nice to be able to go out together, especially with all that nastiness of the not-pocalypse.

He could feel his heart skip a beat when the little bell above his door jingled, signaling the arrival of the demon. His whole presentation seems more forced than usual, the usual slouch in his body appearing more exhausted than usual.

Singularity - part 5

Giving his nose a quick swipe, a tickle worming its way into his nose. If he sneezed now, it would ruin all his hard work, definitely give everything away. However, being that it was still early in spring, it was still a bit nippy out, and well, the temperature change from the cozy bookstore to the brisk spring air.Song prompt was Uninvited by Alanis Morissette.

Set right after the season 11 finale. He resented being made to speak the words aloud. Crowley had seen the sun rally and regain its shine, which could only mean one thing…one thing he had not allowed himself to think on again since, and forcing him to was a dangerous endeavor.

His courage had been admirable, but Crowley refused to hear the words spoken a second time. They obeyed, those that could blinking away rather than scrambling through the door with the others.

It was fortunate for them that they did. He would have had to. It choked. It rushed to his cheeks, painting them scarlet with heat.

What in bloody hell was wrong with him? Do not. And yet there he was, felled by the news that Dean Winchester still lived. This time was supposed to have been different. God had sent him to his death this time—a sacrificial lamb, the only defense they had against a cosmic force to rival the Big Guy Himself.

He had taken his grief and locked it away, buttressing the crypt with denial. How dare anyone or anything so endear itself to Crowley! Perhaps his lackey had been mistaken, though.

crowley angst

Perhaps it was still too soon to breathe this sigh of wretched relief. Crowley pulled out his phone. His finger hovered above the number still listed in his contacts, but he hesitated to allow it to descend. He was the King of Hell, not some lovesick puppy. Crowley gripped his phone so tightly it threatened to crack, had to resist the urge to fling it toward the wall. But no. As ever, you had to try to save the bloody world and muck things up in the process. Things being me in this instance.

And certainly not the rubbish I seem to want now. And that was why Crowley could not call. And why would he? Not in friendly terms. Not at all unless he needed some service. Crowley swallowed the bile that had crept up the back of his throat, and he tucked his phone into his breast pocket as he rose to his feet, albeit unsteadily.

They always needed him eventually. That thought made him seethe. Hell would need to be governed all the same in the meantime. But Crowley was acutely aware of the shape of his phone near his heart, as he knew he would be until it rang.

Can be considered Gen.

Supernatural - Crowley

Warnings: Nothing to speak of. Canon typical violence. No one could see him like this.

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